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Change is within us - Facebook campaign

Project description

During the month of February, thanks to the support, we implemented a Facebook campaign aimed at promoting and supporting the reprinting of the creative notebook Change is within us or how to communicate environmental topics. Before the campaign, we set up a donation appeal on and came up with 10 posts. To create these posts we used the knowledge and skills from the workshop Create a campaign that really works. We designed the whole campaign as a journey towards change and the individual posts as steps on that journey, so that the whole campaign had a unified line and story. Each post was accompanied by photographs taken by the graphic designer of the whole scrapbook, Jana K. Kudrnová, so that they corresponded with the text of the post and at the same time to show a specific part of the creative notebook to which it refers. We published several posts each week. All posts were always posted on the Young Reporters for the Environment project's Facebook homepage and shared on the TEREZA page and the organization's program pages. The target group of the campaign was primarily teachers and education staff, but the posts also reached and engaged young people, representatives of various organizations, non-formal education leaders, coordinators of environmental education centers, etc.

project implementer

Tereza, education center

TEREZA started with herding 3 goats, 17 sheep and practical protection of the Prokop area in Prague in 1979. Today, TEREZA educates over 100,000 children, works with over 800 schools, and 5,000 parents take tips from us on how to spend meaningful time with their children.