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Lines between us


Project description

Reducing the hate narrative against Azerbaijani men and women in Armenia through a media campaign in Armenia and long-term work with civil society in the regions of Armenia. The project will be part of a three-year NESEHNUTI-coordinated project called Pathway to an Engaged Society, which will be implemented (2021-2023) in Armenia with a focus on strengthening the capacities and competences of activists, raising their awareness on human rights, peaceful conflict resolution, environmental protection, civic engagement, the role of NGOs and independent media, and fake news recognition. In addition to supporting authentic civic initiatives, we want to focus on reducing hateful narratives in society. 

In the project (Local Action Plan) we want to support the cooperation of young creative people with civic initiatives in the production of media content, because we see this cooperation as mutually valuable. In September 2021, we will be organizing a multi-day School of Civic Engagement (SCE). We will be targeting participants in non-central regions of Armenia and in the regions most involved in the conflict. This will be a three-day event with a focus on peaceful conflict resolution, the formation of a peaceful worldview, and finding ways to non-conflict communication. 

We will also develop civic engagement and citizen campaigns in the areas of human rights and environmental protection. In this work we would like to promote the use of storytelling. In this way we want to deepen knowledge of dialogue, understanding, non-discrimination and respect for each other and for different opinions. In this School of Civic Engagement, we would like to use graphic and video materials as a stimulus to discuss the current post-conflict situation in Armenia and find a way out of negative narratives.

project implementer


A non-profit organization dedicated to conservation, human and animal rights. Nesehnuti support communities, groups and individuals in creating a fair world. They do grassroots campaigning, awareness raising and education. It is central to them that even one person or a small group of people can set a new direction, reach out to others and make positive change. Some of their projects are for example Cesty Iniciativy, which supports active people in the countries of the South Caucasus and Ukraine, and Odzbrojovka, which works to stop arms trafficking to countries where crimes against humanity are threatened.