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How not to be a troll

Modrá rybka foundation

Project description

The spread of disinformation in society and among young people has made us very worried. That is why we are preparing a ten-part comic book entitled: "How not to be a Troll". The comic will help educators to better communicate the topic. It will show students in an attractive way how to counter disinformation and how to work with it. The worksheets are prepared by experienced educators in cooperation with their students to make the worksheets attractive teaching material.


project implementer

Modrá rybka foundation

NADAČNÍ FOND MODRÁ RYBKA supports civic education of children and youth in the Czech Republic by organizing children's conferences "Today I am like...". With the charity project "This is clay", Czech children help their peers on the other side of the world, where there is a high rate of illiteracy and poverty, to go to school.