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online game Save the Holidays

fakescape, Z. s.

Project description

As part of the project, one of the Fakescape games, Save the Holidays, was converted into an attractive, user-friendly and interactive online format. Videos, audio recordings, a website and the Slido web app helped to make this happen.

The Save the Holidays game is a playful workshop with escape elements, through which secondary and upper primary school pupils and the general public develop their media literacy. The workshops are primarily aimed at secondary schools to make media education lessons more attractive. For these there are no textbooks or teacher certification. The main topics covered in the game are disinformation, hoaxes, manipulation of text and image, verification of information and critical reading of text. The playful format and the involvement of all students in the program make these workshops attractive also for vocational schools, where conventional lectures often do not meet with much success. 

During the game, participants will try their own hand at verifying information as journalists in a fictional presidential campaign story. Subsequent reflection will then show students what forms fictional examples of manipulation take in real life and for what purpose they are created. In this way, the theoretical knowledge acquired by the students is put into context.

project implementer

fakescape, z. s.

Everything on the internet is not necessarily true. We use games to develop individual media literacy competences in pupils and students - specifically critical thinking and information verification. The graduates of our workshops are aware of the media traps that await them (not only) in the online environment. At the same time, we provide teachers with a simple tool to make media education more attractive. All this in an appealing and entertaining way.