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Media Literacy Course ESN CZ

Project description

We organized "Media Literacy Course ESN CZ", which targeted members of ESN Czech Republic, z. s.

The course consisted of three workshops (WS):

  • Media literacy 101 (in Czech)
  • How to critically think in the world of information (in English)
  • How we inform foreign students, information resources in the Czech Republic (in Czech)

During the first workshop, we covered the topic of media literacy in general, so that the participants had a general idea of what is included in this topic. The topic of media literacy was introduced by Jaroslava Krmela Vacková and the topic of News vs Disinformation was taken up by Kateřina Toholová. Jaroslava and Kateřina were guests of the course, both of them have been working in the field of media literacy for several years.

The second workshop took place within the ESN CZ meeting, where we focused on the following topics: argumentative fallacies, disinformation websites, reputable websites. The aim was to make participants think about where they look for information, how they recognize a disinformation article and where they can encounter argumentative fallacies around them. During the WS they were also encouraged to analyse information in this way in their everyday lives.

The third WS focused a lot on our activities, namely helping foreign students in the Czech Republic in various ways to enjoy their stay here as much as possible. This also involves providing practical information (currently information about the measures, e.g. where to shop, where to go on trips in the Czech Republic and how to get there, etc.). We discussed which information sources we use to further inform foreign students. We focused on Czech resources in English.

During all three workshops, the emphasis was on getting participants to think about what they could do next with the information they had gained, and to share these thoughts at the end of each workshop.

project implementer

Erasmus Student Network Czech Republic, z. s.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international non-profit student organisation. Its aim is to promote student mobility (especially Erasmus+), representation of international students, international cooperation and personal development. ESN CZ has hundreds of volunteers who help thousands of international students every year.