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Project description

We used the grant to create the previously mentioned microsite,, which will be linked to our existing website when the campaign is launched.. Through it, people reached by the social media campaign (based on a video clip) will get basic information on how to get involved: sign a petition for education change, get more information about our education system change project or support the change. The microsite is thus a key part of the campaign for us and will be further expanded/modified as needed. Its graphics match the prepared video spot for easier visual connection.

project implementer

Nadační fond eduzměna

The Eduzměna Foundation was established with the aim of modernising Czech education - to prepare and implement a systemic change in the education system. We function as a platform connecting various partners from the civic, private and public sectors. It is by bringing them together and coordinating them effectively that we want to increase the success of implementing changes in education in the Czech Republic and expand their impact. In our efforts, we focus on all actors who enter and influence the education system - the founders, principals, teachers, parents and children, whom we see as the core of our efforts.