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We've got Norway funds money, AND?

Centrum Locika

Project description

On this dedicated page, the Locika Centre addresses organisations with a similar focus and their clients. For the first target group, the aim of the project is to send a message that they are not alone in this and if they are dealing with a similar problem, it is a good idea to create similar material or a website to which they can simply post a link instead of endless debates on social media. For the second target group, the most common questions with a disinformation basis are already answered in advance using FAQs. 


project implementer

Centrum locika

The Locika Centre helps children and their parents to live a life free from violence and to strengthen healthy family relationships. It promotes a child's right to a violence-free childhood. It looks at the family situation through the eyes of the child. When assessing the family situation, it does not choose the perspective of either parent - mom or dad, it is about the safety of the child. In his interest, we help both parents to strengthen their parenting competencies and improve their relationship with the child. Both are essential for the healthy psychosocial development of the child and for healthy family relationships. LOCIKA provides services within the framework of the mandate for social and legal protection of children free of charge.