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An article using positive storytelling: Broumov 2028: Active Citizenship

Foundation - Broumov City of Culture

Project description

The article in the March issue of Broumovské noviny (circulation between 1,100 and 1,300 copies) titled Broumov 2028: Active Citizenship is one of a series of articles in which we are trying to apply positive storytelling within the Broumov 2028 project. The readers of this periodical are mainly residents of Broumov and the Broumov region, a locality that has long suffered from peripheralisation, which has had an impact on the mental health and self-esteem of the local population. By creating positive narratives and showing examples of good practice (here specifically in the area of active citizenship), we aim to gradually activate individuals and society in the area of participation in public space (and discourse), which should ultimately lead to a more satisfying individual and community coexistence.

project implementer

Foundation - Broumov city of culture

Fund to support Broumov's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028. In 2020, we initiated the preparation of Broumov's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028 and co-founded the Broumov - City of Culture Endowment Fund, which will be the carrier of this candidacy. Broumov's ambition with its candidacy is to join the ranks of other smaller European cities that have succeeded with their candidacy despite their size, such as Bad Ischl in Austria, Matera Basilicata in Italy, Paphos in Cyprus or Esch-sur-AlzeOe in Luxembourg. The story of Broumov aims to show that Europe is a continent of strong regions, blurring the notions of centre and periphery. Each year, two EU countries nominate a city to compete for the title of European Capital of Culture, and the Czech Republic will host it alongside France in 2028. The European Commission's aim is not only to raise the profile of the cultural assets of the selected cities, thus highlighting the commonly shared European cultural values, but also to emphasise how cultural activities can contribute to the strategic development of cities.