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Increasing Regional competencies in Media Literacy Education in the Czech Republic

Since May 2022, we have been implementing a new project Increasing Regional Competences in Media Literacy Education in the Czech Republic. The project is based on successful program of the Media Literacy Academy, which took place at the turn of the years 2020/2021. Both projects respond to the urgency for media literacy, which allows one to better navigate excessive quantity of information, develop critical thinking and learn to better counter misleading and manipulative information or disinformation. The project is delivered in cooperation with the Norwegian organization Apenhet with the financial support of the Financial Mechanism of Norway 2014 – 2021 in the CZ-INTERNAL AFFAIRS program.

Activities of the project are focused on Ústí nad Labe, Liberec and Hradec Králové regions. We will address non-profit organizations, schools and libraries where the work with children and youth is happening. The aim is to support workers with young people and equip them with the skills and knowledge of media literacy so they can contribute to increasing media literacy in their surroundings.

Project activities

One of the key activity in the project. Participants in the accelerator receive support through networking, online workshops and one on one consultation or mentoring with experts. The main aim is to empower local men and women who are part of formal and informal educational system to deliver own project on media literacy subjects.

Survey is focused on: 1) organizations working with the target group of children and young people under 17 years of age, and 2) on the children and young people itself. The goal is to asses the situation and needs of the employees in regional organizations on the field of media literacy with an overlap to their clients.

It will be based on both the survey and the accelerator. We create the set of ready to use lessons and inspiration for own practice and activities with youth and children. In cooperation with the Norwegian organization Apenhet we prepare the sources into the interactive tool easily accessible and useable on internet.

Cooperation with the Norwegian organization Apenhet and transfer of know-how from Norway on the field of countering disinformation, social cohesion, radicalization and positive narratives as a tool how to combat disinformation.

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Increasing Regional Competencies in Media Literacy Education in the Czech Republic
Apenhet AS
the Financial Mechanism of Norway 2014 – 2021
1. 5. 2022 – 31. 10. 2023
Ústí nad Labem, Liberec, Hradec Králové regions 

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