Create a campaign that actually works. Telling stories to counter disinformation

Storytelling and positive narratives

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Course description

A series of four webinars and one-on-one consultations for PR practitioners, campaigners, journalists and representatives of non-profit organisations who prepare communication campaigns against disinformation. Why are fake news and propaganda so successful and how do they work? Can we learn anything from them? What are alternative, counter and positive narratives? And why do positive narratives work best? In a series of hands-on webinars, participants were taught how to create a working communications campaign using storytelling, and then learned step-by-step the basic techniques of storytelling and the tools to prepare an effective campaign.

You could discuss your ideas with the lecturer in individual consultations. In addition, participants could receive up to $3,000 for their own project.

Key words: Storytelling, positive narratives, alternative and counter narratives, campaigns, communication, disinformation

participant feedback

The series of workshops was excellently prepared and never boring for a moment. I highly appreciate the choice of the lecturer and her interaction with the participants. Thanks from me and our entire nonprofit. 

Anna Kociánová, Auto*Mat, z.s.

My feedback on the content of the course and its technical realization is very positive - the biggest thanks and admiration goes to the lecturer Lucie Nemesova,whose expertise and authenticity form a perfect combination. Her concept of the topic of positive storytelling was novel, at the same time factual and functional - I appreciate, for example, the analysis of existing campaigns and individual consultations on our projects. My thanks to Aneta Bednářová for all the administrative and communication support during the course.

Anna Smékalová, Nadační fond – Broumov město kultury

Your lecturer

Lucie Nemešová

Lucie Nemešová

She studied political science at the Faculty of Arts in Prague. She works on positive narratives and supports communication campaigns on social issues such as poverty and social exclusion, debt and foreclosures, social work and inclusion. She founded and runs Storyhunters, a communications agency that focuses on communications for non-profit organisations.