Storytelling and positive narratives. What makes a campaign work

Storytelling and positive narratives in communication

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A series of four online workshops for PR writers, campaigners, NGO representatives and journalists. Do you encounter disinformation and propaganda in your work? In these workshops, you could discover how they work and learn how to fight back using alternative, counter and positive narratives. You learned how to build on this knowledge to create a strong and successful communication campaign. In four practical and packed webinars, you were able to learn how narratives work, what their building blocks are and how to use them to counter disinformation. Alongside this, you also learned about the possibilities of positive narratives and how to use them effectively in communications to stand out in a sea of digital chaos.

Key words: Storytelling, positive narratives, alternative and counter narratives, campaigns, communication, disinformation

participant feedback

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Storytelling and Positive Narratives course. It was very inspiring for me and helped me to navigate this issue. I became aware of different contexts that I will use when creating messages for the target group. Due to the time frame, this is more of a taster. But even so, the course was still useful for me.

Radka Štěpanskovská, FC Studánka

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn how to construct a story in a way that engages the reader and fulfills its purpose. Sharing and discussing with other course participants is very valuable. It's definitely important to go into the course with some idea of what you want your final campaign to look like, and to gradually refine your idea based on your newly acquired knowledge from the course. 
Aneta Šebková, Život 90


Your lecturer

Lucie Nemešová

Lucie Nemešová

She studied political science at the Faculty of Arts in Prague. She works on positive narratives and supports communication campaigns on social issues such as poverty and social exclusion, debt and foreclosures, social work and inclusion. She founded and runs Storyhunters, a communications agency that focuses on communications for non-profit organisations.