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Don't let the disinformation to control you

Czech Television or Aeronet? How to know which media to trust

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Course description

What is information? What role does information play in our lives? Who or what influences our decisions? Are we easily manipulated? How do we make sense of the information overload around us? Why is the media called the watchdog of democracy and do we even need it today? Which ones can we trust and which ones provide disinformation rather than information? Participants learned all this and much more in a practical series of four online workshops.

Participants discovered how disinformation websites work, how fake news and politics are connected, and how deep fakes are created. The course discussed how to use information in their professional and personal lives, how not to be manipulated. The lecturer also covered the area of cyber security and introduced the basics of fact-checking.

The course is designed primarily for members of non-profit organizations, youth workers, community leaders, students and teachers.

In addition, participants could use individual consultations with an experienced tutor and at the end of the course receive up to USD 3,000 for their own projects.

Key words: Media, media literacy, disinformation, civic society, critical thinking, source verification, fake news

participant feedback

What I appreciate about the Don't Let Disinformation Control You course is its interactivity, frequent group work and the opportunity to share experiences with other participants. The lecturer Aneta was very nice and was full of information, experience and enthusiasm for the subject. As a big plus, I appreciate the shared folder, where we made available to each other a great variety of materials, resources and other useful tools, not only from the organizers, but also from the participants themselves. I would definitely recommend the course to all people who are active on the internet or in communities.

Lucie Mairychová,

It was nice to get to know the different views on disinformation. So I the biggest plus in the collective sharing and exchange of opinions. I also found it well organized, with minimal technical issues, the platform was trouble free, and support was supreme. Určitě se v rámci našeho vzdělávacího centra pro seniory Přístav 7 budeme více na toto téma soustředit a pokusím se ho do programu začlenit ještě více.

Marie Lebedová, Přístav 7


Your lecturer

Aneta Bednářová

Aneta Bednářová

Aneta studied communication studies at Charles University and is interested in media research, media literacy, disinformation and critical thinking. She is the founder and director of Genesis, a youth and adult education organization. She has been a professional lecturer for 8 years in the Czech and international environment, cooperating with Czech and foreign schools, media and non-profit organizations. She is actively involved in the protection of human rights, especially in Mexico, where she herself lived.