Learn to swim in a sea of (dis)information

Information literacy in the disinformation age

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Course description

There is a vast amount of information flooding the internet. In this course you could learn to understand the laws of its flow, how those who create news work, how the Czech disinformation scene works or why fake news is used in hybrid wars. During the four workshops you could learn how to navigate the information chaos on the internet and how to fight disinformation using positive narratives. It's not as hard as it might seem.

You could discuss your ideas with the lecturer in individual consultations. In addition, participants could receive up to $3,000 for their own project.

Key words: Information, disinformation, fake news, internet, social networks, online communication, positive narratives.

participant feedback

The presenters are professionals, the environment is friendly, the team is supportive, and the other participants are willing to look at the issue you are dealing with with different eyes. I got a lot of useful information, I see 100% benefit exactly in the topic with misinformation, this one should be a must for everyone. 

                                    Pavlína Skotnicová, OVAHELP

Your lecturer

Bob Kartous

Bob Kartous

Media theorist and practitioner and alumnus of postgraduate studies in the field of media at FSV UK. Education expert, director of the Prague Innovation Institute. In his former position, at the think tank EDUin, he created the concept of the Audit of the Education System in the Czech Republic. He has published several articles on education in a number of Czech media. Since 2018, he has been a spokesperson for Czech Elves, a civic group dealing with disinformation in the Czech digital space.