Information sovereignty. Navigate the flood of (dis)information on the internet

Disinformation and strengthening information literacy

Courses/ Online workshops

Course description

There is a vast amount of information flooding the internet. In this workshop you could understand the laws of its flow, how those who create news work, how the Czech disinformation scene works or why fake news is used in hybrid wars. During the four workshops you could learn how to navigate the information chaos on the internet and how to fight disinformation by using positive narratives and how to pass on this knowledge in education.

Key words: Information, disinformation, fake news, internet, social networks, online communication, positive narratives.

participant feedback

The workshop was very useful, technically well implemented and above all led by experts at a very high level, who were also very friendly and kind lecturers. I gained a lot of new information and learned how to work with disinformation not only as an educator, but especially as an ordinary citizen.

Jana Sotlová, Praha Petrovice Elementary School


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