Find out how to resist misinformation.

Discover the power of critical thinking.

Work with us to cultivate the Czech information scene.

It is not easy to navigate through the incredible storm of information, messages, hoaxes, true and false news that is being thrown at us in the digital space. This is what the Media Literacy Academy's educational programme responds to. It provides training, support and materials to both non-profit organizations that are themselves victims of fake news and to trainers, educators and others who want to pass on their knowledge. Last but not least, we also want to connect those working on the topic of disinformation so that they can learn from and inspire each other. 

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We're opening cutting-edge training programmes

  • Online workshops

    Two series of online workshops on information literacy and campaign development

  • Online training programmes with grant opportunities

    Online workshops complemented by one-on-one consultations with lecturers with the opportunity to receive up to USD 3,000 for your projects.

  • Webinars

    We will also provide access to the topics of information literacy and storytelling to a wider audience in the form of webinars.

  • Custom projects

    As part of the Media Literacy Academy, we awarded grants and support for participants to carry out their own projects.


Lucie Nemešová

Lucie Nemešová

She studied political science at the Faculty of Arts in Prague. She works on positive narratives and supports communication campaigns on social issues such as poverty and social exclusion, debt and foreclosures, social work and inclusion. She founded and runs Storyhunters, a communications agency that focuses on communications for non-profit organisations.
Bob Kartous

Bob Kartous

Media theorist and practitioner and alumnus of postgraduate studies in the field of media at FSV UK. Education expert, director of the Prague Innovation Institute. In his former position, at the think tank EDUin, he created the concept of the Audit of the Education System in the Czech Republic. He has published several articles on education in a number of Czech media. Since 2018, he has been a spokesperson for Czech Elves, a civic group dealing with disinformation in the Czech digital space.
Aneta Bednářová

Aneta Bednářová

She majored in Communication Studies at Charles University and specializes in media research, media literacy, disinformation and critical thinking. She is the founder and director of Genesis, a youth and adult education organization. She has been a professional lecturer for 8 years in the Czech and international environment, cooperating with Czech and foreign schools, media and non-profit organizations.

The workshop was very beneficial, technically well implemented and most importantly led by experts with a very high level, who were also very pleasant and kind lecturers. I learned a lot of new information and I learned how to work with misinformation not only as an educator, but especially as an ordinary citizen.

Jana Sotlová

Praha Petrovice Elementary School

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the course, which helped me to deepen my knowledge. I applied for the course with a clear idea of the target group. The visually impaired in the institute, whom I would like to inspire to at least start thinking about the sea of information and misinformation. During the course I realised that the originally planned podcasts and workshops for the institutionalized visually impaired would be very useful for all staff in institutions for the elderly and disabled to be aware of their role and responsibility in this.

Miluše Jurošková

Development Center

The training was simply great. Sharing thoughts, ideas and opinions was very inspiring for me. A live session would definitely have been better, but I'm not sure if I could afford it professionally, the online version was more than an excellent option for me, for which I am very grateful. The lecturer was great and down to earth, the collaboration with her was of a very high standard.

Michaela Sehnalová

Václav Čtvrtek Library in Jičín

The presenters are professionals, the environment is friendly, the team is supportive, and the other participants are willing to look at the issue you are addressing with other eyes. I got a lot of useful information, I see 100% benefit just in the topic of misinformation, this one should be a must for everyone.

Pavlína Skotnicová


The workshop series was excellently prepared in a way that did not bore for even a moment. I highly appreciate the choice of the lecturer and her interaction with the participants. Thanks from myself and our entire nonprofit.

Anna Kociánová

Auto*Mat, z.s.

My feedback on the content of the course and its technical realization is very positive - the biggest thanks and admiration goes to the lecturer Lucie Nemesova, whose erudition and authenticity make a perfect combination. Her concept of the topic of positive storytelling was novel, at the same time factual and functional - I appreciate, for example, the analysis of existing campaigns and individual consultations on our projects. Aneta Bednářová deserves my further thanks for all the administrative and communication support during the course.

Anna Smékalová

Endowment Fund - Broumov City of Culture

What I appreciate about the Don't Let Misinformation Control You course is its interactivity, frequent group work and the opportunity to share experiences with other participants. The lecturer Aneta was very nice and brimming with information, experience and enthusiasm for the subject. As a big plus, I appreciate the shared folder, where we made available to each other a great variety of materials, resources and other useful tools, not only from the organizers, but also from the participants themselves. I would definitely recommend the course to all people who are active on the internet or in communities.

Lucie Mairychová

It was nice to get to know the different views on misinformation. So I really see the biggest plus in the collective sharing and exchange of opinions. I also found it well organized, minimal technical issues, the platform was trouble-free and the support maximum. We will definitely be focusing more on this topic in our Senior Citizen Education Center Přístav 7 and I will try to incorporate it even more.

Marie Lebedová

Přístav 7

I was very pleasantly surprised by several things about the Media Literacy Academy. I did not expect such a nice, knowledgeable and helpful lecturer, very active and inspiring participants and overall excellent level of the course. I'm more focused on face-to-face contact, so I'm reluctant to take online training, but this time I made an exception and it was a good thing. The whole course was very well prepared both technically and in terms of content. I can recommend it to anyone who wants to gain new knowledge, skills and contacts with like-minded people.

Veronika Tomanová

This course helped me to realize the breadth and depth of media literacy issues. In this day and age, when each of us is overwhelmed with information, it is more important than ever that we learn to recognize the credibility of media messages. However, the concept of media literacy is not just about theory, but more importantly about the practice of using the rules of information verification to your advantage, which was also the focus of this course. I must also highlight the professionalism and digital proficiency of the lecturer, the interactivity of the individual webinars, the opportunity to network with other participants and the many shared materials for further use! It was an honor to attend and you are a role model for me on how to lecture!

Jaroslava Krmela Vacková

ICM Friends Club

The course was an interesting foray into the media world for me. I had the opportunity to gain experience and opinions of people from different professions, from different parts of the country. To have a discussion about how they perceive the media, what sources they find useful, and which ones on the contrary. I was able to confirm my attitudes towards specific information, to sort and identify the content that I encounter professionally and personally (I was particularly interested in the concept of post-truth).

Markéta Jirka


I see the whole course as a professionally presented experience in the field of media. By participating in the training I got a basic overview of how to work with basic info to media literacy, what is the view on the presentation of reality by the media, how to navigate issues of misinformation, conspiracies, hoaxes, what sources to use in the digital space, verifying truthfulness... I really appreciate the expertise of the lecturer, the amount of dense resources she shared with us. The lecturer guided us through practical activities and I experienced how one can work in groups with current topics in the digital space of news, posts and events. I see digital-information literacy education as an important part of education and believe it belongs in schools of all grade levels.

Renáta Fogeltonová

Obchodní Akademia

I found the training very interesting. Besides a lot of new practical information and broadening my horizons on the topic of working with misinformation, I met a lot of interesting people and their projects. I learned in a creative and active way about other possibilities of cooperation between us and the organizations represented. The creative atmosphere was open to collaboration and we often inspired each other with our shared experiences or learned from each other's mistakes, which was particularly interesting. I think the networking is definitely great and I look forward to more joint workshops with this focus. With the active people from this course working with different target groups, other joint events will definitely be interesting and stimulating for new participants as well.

Vlastimil Jura

Czech Council for Children and Youth